Indian sweets – a sweet gift to the world

It is said that no country has a larger selection of exotic desserts than India. No other country on earth can match India in simply the range of sweets that we have, leave alone the sensory impact they give the taste buds. In every sense, Indian mithai are a “sweet present” to the world. For this very same reason Indian sweets are searched for in other nations of the world as well. In most Indian dining establishments outside India, the food selection does underestimate to the huge variety of Indian food or Indian desserts. Historically, Indian spices and also natural herbs was among the most sought after trade assets. During the years 1625 to 1750, sugar was worth its weight in gold and also was described as “White Gold”. For the past thousands of years sugarcane is being cultivated in India. Today, India likewise exports sweets and savories to numerous nations like UAE as well as Australia. They can likewise send wonderful presents to mark special events, wedding events or Indian events like Holi and also Diwali.