Making your own sweet treats

The syrup made by boiling sugar and water is the basis of many sweets, and on the top quality of this syrup depends the top quality of the candy. Sugar is usually combined with water in the percentages of an extra pound and a fifty percent of sugar to a half a pint of water. Currently, suppose we put over a fire this amount of sugar and water, as well as stir it till the sugar dissolves, and afterwards let it steam for a couple of minutes. THREAD DEGREEWhen the sugar is liquified, and also has actually boiled for a few minutes, and begins to look smooth and also slippery, dip in a stick, dampen the thumb, and also touch the syrup sticking to the stick; after that touch the first finger to the thumb, draw them apart, and also if a fine string draws out the syrup has gotten to the small thread level. This is called the huge thread. The syrup begins to show bubbles and also has an oily consistency. If examined similarly when it comes to the initial degree, a big string might be drawn out without breaking regarding the fingers can stretch. BLOW DEGREEUse a skimmer, dip it into the syrup, empty it, as well as strike through the holes. If the impact has actually been gotten to, tiny bubbles will certainly show up beyond of the skimmer. FEATHER DEGREEThis degree is an extension of the “impact” and also as quickly as you complete that test, dip in the skimmer once again, draw it out, offer it a sudden jerk and also the staying syrup will fly off in strings or plumes. This is the phase at which the syrup has a tendency to grain, as a result of the dissipation of the water, and treatment should be taken not to interrupt it by disconcerting the kettle. There is no threat of shedding the finger by this test if the operation is done swiftly. Roll the adhering syrup between the thumb as well as finger; if it forms a soft round it has gotten to the soft ball level; if it forms a hard round, which sticks the teeth together on being bitten, it has actually gotten to the hard ball. As soon as the change starts to occur eliminate it from the fire, and established all-time low of the pot in chilly water in order to avoid it from shedding. All the best!.